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Mapping and Monitoring of Evaluation Capacities

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PrEval – Zukunftswerkstätten

PrEval (Eva­luation and Quality Manage­ment in Extremism Preven­tion, Demo­cracy Promo­tion and Civic Education: Analysis, Moni­toring, Dialogue) is a research and transfer project that further develops and re­designs formats and structures to strengthen eva­luation and quality manage­ment in extremism prevention, demo­cracy promotion and civic edu­cation in Germany.

In doing so, PrEval gathers previous find­ings and needs of pro­fessional practice for support in evaluation projects. Based on these findings and needs, PrEval aims to develop and test new formats around the topic of evaluation and quality manage­ment together with a variety of actors and per­spectives from civic education, demo­cracy promotion and pre­vention practice. Part of the project’s work includes extensive measures to trans­fer findings into practice.

PrEval is an open net­work and invites everyone to join the dis­cussions in various workshops (“Zukunfts­werkstätten”) around needs for support services, know­ledge net­works and evaluation data­bases. Based on these workshops, the joint project will develop pro­posals for the further develop­ment and re­design of formats and structures to strengthen eva­luation and quality manage­ment.

PrEval will accompany these pro­cesses scientifically through systematic data collection and studies and will design them along the current state of research in various disciplines.

The pro­ject is funded by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI) with a du­ration from Oc­tober 2022 to Sep­tember 2025.