The PrEval Topics

The Pr­Eval project aims to strengthen eva­­luation and quality manage­ment in the fields of extremism pre­­vention, demo­cracy pro­motion and civic edu­cation. Through scientific analyses, dialogical ex­changes, and a broad transfer strategy, PrEval works in the following fields in particular:

  • First, the thematic field of monitoring takes a look at existing evaluation capa­­cities in Germany; second, it surveys inter­national experiences and approaches to solutions in PrEval’s thematic fields; and third, it elaborates new develop­­ments in eva­luation research. PrEval especially invites everyone to participate in the “Zukunfts­werkstatt” on Eva­­luation Research. The results of the monitoring as well as further analyses from PrEval will be presented in a “PrEval Monitor”.
  • The analysis, testing and assess­ment of evaluation instru­ments and methods is the focus of several PrEval pilot studies. The focus is on (digital) civic edu­­cation as well as on security-relevant cooperation contexts and complex advisory settings.
  • Dialogue between the different groups of actors is a central component of the project. The “Zukunfts­werkstätten” ensure the exchange between research and professional practice and thus contribute to the develop­ment of needs-driven approaches and support structures. The findings from PrEval are disseminated to the public through further ex­change formats, events and open access publications

Participation in PrEval’s “Zukunfts­­werkstätten” and work­shops is open to all interested parties. Information on current events can be found on the “Events” page.