“Zukunftswerkstätten”, workshops, and other formats

In the PrEval project, we want to reflect with as many actors as possible from the fields of extremism pre­vention, democracy promotion, and civic edu­cation on how evaluation and quality manage­ment can be shaped in the future and which support formats and structures are suitable for this.

The project includes several so-called “Zukunfts­werkstätten” (“future-oriented workshops or formats”), which – in the form of subprojects – either explore larger thematic contexts or accompany the PrEval surveys and work pro­cesses as individual event formats. What all subprojects, workshops, and formats have in common is that they are open to all interested parties.

Information on the subprojects (“Zukunftswerkstätten”) can be found on the following subpages:

Information on individual events and workshop formats can also be found on the events page.

Julian Junk (PRIF) on the project “PrEval” (Production: Ute Seitz | PRIF 2022).