Mapping of eva­luation capacities in the field of extremism prevention as well as the interfaces to violence pre­vention and civic education | extended data basis from 2023 onwards

Based on the results of the first PrEval project, the PrEval Platform provides a systematic overview of eva­luation capacities in the field of extremism pre­vention as well as at the interfaces to violence pre­vention and civic education in Germany. It currently contains the results of a nationwide telephone survey of eva­luation actors from 2020/2021

Expansion from 2023

In the course of the “PrEval – Zukunfts­werkstätten” project, the platform will be updated and expanded: A nationwide survey in the eva­luation practice of extremism pre­vention, democracy promotion and civic edu­cation will take place for this purpose until July 2023. Through further regular surveys, the platform is to be success­ively expanded into a monitoring tool. Furthermore, additional analysis options are to be made available in order to be able to de­termine whether the diverse expectations of quality manage­ment in general and evaluation practice in particular can be met with the current eva­luation capacities.
The platform has also been available in English since spring 2023.

Capabilities of the platform

The platform is composed of two main views that cover different levels of functionality: the capa­city overview and the analysis overview.

In the capacity overview, institutions active in third-party or self-­evaluation can be searched and filtered on an inter­active map. In addition to a quick overview of the eva­luation landscape, it is also easy to find network partners throughout Germany.

The analysis overview also offers a variety of other analysis and visualization options for both external and self-­evaluators. This makes it possible, for example, to understand which approaches and methods are used in the evaluation and also to analyze the various eva­luation objects (projects, measures or programs) in more detail.

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The Institute for Inter­disciplinary Research on Conflict and Vio­lence at Bielefeld University (IKG) is responsible for the PrEval platform. For questions and comments, please feel free to contact the PrEval team at the IKG directly.