PrEval regularly presents project (interim) results in various event and dis­cussion formats, including PrEval’s own “Fachtag” (sym­posium), but also in relevant formats of pro­fessional practice. At the heart of the PrEval project are the “Zukunfts­werkstätten” in which new formats in the field of eva­luation and quality manage­ment are developed and tested in dialogue. Participation in the “Zukunfts­werkstätten” is open to all interested parties. As a further format, the “Open ­Forums” offer the opportunity to contribute ex­periences, perspectives and needs as well as to participate in an iterative way.

In addition, a PrEval “Fachtag” was held in 2020 and 2021 to dis­cuss interim findings and inform professional practice and research. In 2023, another “Fachtag” is planned as part of the project “PrEval – Zukunfts­werkstätten”.

Regular PrEval consul­tations serve the transfer of knowledge between the PrEval Network and decision-­makers in ministries and prevention practice.